It’s Like Breathing

It’s Like Breathing


Just cause you’re bleeding, doesn’t mean you’re dying!

“Ew… and then oxygen exits your body? Gross.”

Imagine if we talked about breathing the way we talk about menstruating. Imagine if a completely necessary and natural, biological process was made to sound disgusting for no apparent reason.

Yes, girls bleed. It’s part of life. Specifically, part of puberty, one of the most important changes a person goes through during their lifetime– and it’s completely normal! It usually starts between the ages of 10-17.

What’s important is for people not to be alarmed, it is a sign of good health and maturity, all things positive! Menstruation takes place when when the brain sends out signals for the release of hormones into the body. These hormones make your eggs mature and grow larger. While this happens, the hormone levels decrease, and the lining of your uterus begins to break down, which is released from the body in the form of blood. In simple terms, a cycle begins in your body which causes you to bleed, and this keeps you fertile.

Nevertheless, it can be scary. In order for young girls to be prepared, they can predict when their cycle will begin by consulting other women in their family; women within the same family tend to begin their period around the same age. Other signs that suggest the period approaching are the development of breast tissue and growth of pubic hair. All of these changes are normal and part of teenagehood.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your mother and women around you, as it is the first step to understanding and getting to know your period and body. It’s not just you, it’s almost every girl you’ll meet.

Personal experience

Just cause you’re bleeding, doesn’t mean you’re dying!

I first got my period back in the 60s. Uss zamane mein, no one told me anything about periods. Mein choti si thi, only 12 years old. I went to the bathroom and  saw that I was bleeding, my first thought: I was dying. Mein marne waali thi. I decided that it was better not to bother anyone, just wait it out. Eventually, 5 days passed, phir 6 days, 7. Lekin mein zinda rahin. Finally, Ammi asked me what was happening with me. I confessed my secret, hoping she wouldn’t cry. In the end, it was my period. Sab teekh tha

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