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Bodies in Balance: Does Exercise Affect Sex?

Bodies in Balance: Does Exercise...

So, the really big question: Does exercise affect sex? It depends on who you ask. Recently, a study came out that warned guys of the risk to their sex drive...
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Does Your Sex Life Affect How Often You Masturbate?

Does Your Sex Life Affect...

Can the sex you’re having with your girlfriend determine how often you take matters into your own hands—erm, hand? The answer might be more complicated than you think, a new...
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What You Need To Know About The Disturbing Sexual Assault Trend Called ‘Stealthing’

What You Need To Know...

When it comes to safe sex, a condom seems like a no-brainer. When used properly, it is the most effective way to prevent sexually-transmitted infections, and of course, it also...
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7 causes of lower sperm count and male infertility

7 causes of lower sperm...

The production of sperms is definitely a complex process, and infertility is highly related to sperm count and sperm production. Treatment for infertility is the need of the hour because...
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