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How having more sex can...

Want to give your career a boost? Try having more sex . Workers who get ­intimate the night before heading into the office are better at their jobs, an Oregon...
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When a Partner Dies, Grieving the Loss of Sex

When a Partner Dies, Grieving...

After Alice Radosh’s husband of 40 years died in 2013, she received, in addition to the usual condolences, countless offers of help with matters like finances, her car and household...
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Chaps, is your blood type letting you down in bed? Men with A, B or AB four times more likely to suffer impotence

Chaps, is your blood type...

  Scientists have discovered a link between sexual performance and blood type Research suggests that those of A, B or AB blood type are less likely to perform Those with...
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Obese Men Are Better in Bed – New Study Explains Why

Obese Men Are Better in...

Research explains in great details how obese people are at risk. Health risks involve susceptibility to diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure issues, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis and stroke. However, a new...
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