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Why STDs Like Gonorrhea and Syphilis Are on the Rise

Why STDs Like Gonorrhea and...

People have blamed dating apps for the rise of gonorrhea and syphilis. But there are a few sneakier factors at play here. As if dating weren’t hard enough, singles in...
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Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex?

Why doesn’t your husband want...

Contrary to conventional wisdom, sometimes it’s men who first lose sexual desire in a long-term relationship, a new study finds. Men’s desire for sex can be as tricky as women’s,...
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Seven sexual health myths you should ignore

Seven sexual health myths you...

You can’t get pregnant during menstruation Menstruation is the process of the womb’s wall lining shedding off after unsuccessful fertilisation of an egg. While it is not common that pregnancy...
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On College Campuses, Students Push For Free Condoms

On College Campuses, Students Push...

Only about 13 percent of colleges have condom dispensers or vending machines that allow young people privacy and better access, says one researcher. When Boston College student Connor Kratz came...
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